MBA Club

MBA Club is an association formed at the initiative of the students and graduates of the management program: Executive Master of Business Administration in the Wielkopolska Business School at the University of Economics in Poznań.MBA Club

This program (what is worth emphasizing) is accredited by the prestigious international organization EPAS (European Programme Accreditation System), which is the privilege of only the best business schools in Europe.

Informal cooperation of WSB MBA graduates was initiated already in 1993. This cooperation has become a formal framework in 2002, when the MBA Club was registered as an association.

Today we are one of the oldest and largest associations focused on MBA graduates and supporters in Poland.

In general, the formula of MBA Club may be described: “Alumni, students, family and friends”. MBA Club is a platform for meetings of people sharing their knowledge and experience, as well as their business contacts, which drives to stronger position in the management market.

MBA Club allows us to develop our professional competencies, support one another with our advice and knowledge, as well as build and integrate the environment of Graduates and students of all programmes.

Thanks to our determination and mutual support within the group, we can recover from even most serious situations on the labour market we have to face.

The following objectives within the statutory MBA scope of activities are being carried out:

  • creation of business information exchange centre for MBA Programmes Alumni
  • building up and development of managerial skills of the members of MBA Club
  • promotion of MBA Alumni at the labour market
  • organisation of meetings and panel discussions, regarding integration and collaboration within European Union and other, non-governmental organisations, within the current topics on management and economical situation in Poland and world.
  • organisation of sport and re-creation events integrating society of managers and their families

The objectives and tasks we assign to ourselves and our peers require the highest professionalism. Professionalism, which is the core value build into the Executive Master of Business Administration program in the Wielkopolska Business School at the University of Economics in Poznań.

MBA Club Membership

Every graduate or student of the Wielkopolska Business School or other MBA program may become a member of our MBA Club. That’s why this Club forms an universal integration platform for alumni of all MBA programs.

Activities and initiatives of MBA Club.

During the first years of activity, the emphasis was put on integration and getting to know each other, through exchange of our experiences, systematic meetings within the members’ community, as well as during numerous touristic and re-creation events. Following that:

  • In 2003 a series of “Company Study Tour” events were commenced, within the hosting companies representing very high standards of management systems
  • In 2004 MBA Club workshops preparing to the role of Supervisory Boards were initiated

  • On the eve of Poland joining the EU, a series of meetings “Polish enterprise in the European Union” were arranged. The idea was to advise the managers, in a reliable and solid way, about opportunities and threats of entrepreneurship in a new economical, political and legal reality. The organisers, by inviting experiences experts, were taking care of the overall quality of these events, and of meeting the expectations of very demanding participants.

The web portal of the MBA Club association is a tool for integration of its members and supporters, as well as their business environments. The MBA Club members use to meet not only at “serious” business events, but also at their leisure time, e.g. during many outdoor integration events, like golf, bowling as well as canoeing.